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Getting to Holbox Flyfishing Lodge:
1. Fly to Cancun, Mexico.
2. Private van pickup at airport or hotel before 2:00 PM for 3-hour drive through pastoral Yucatan to Chiquila.
3. Short private boat ride across to Isla Holbox.
4. Escorted short golf cart ride to the lodge (no cars on Island).
Travel Itinerary

Arrive in Cancun by 12:00pm to 2:00pm for airport pick up. Otherwise we will pick you up at your Cancun hotel at 10:00am. It takes about 3 hours to reach Chiquila, a small pueblo at the end of the road, where you will board a private boat for a short trip to the island. We will stay in contact with the drivers until you are deposited on the beach in front of the lodge.

Our manager will greet you and settle you into your rooms and pour you a special drink while he outlines your stay. You will relax on the beach the first day and begin the activities the following morning. Manager Luciano will advise you on the dinner options (on your own, about a block away) and watch over your needs and schedule for the duration of your stay.

On your last day you will rise for a delightful last breakfast and a special espresso on the terrazzo. Depart mid morning from the lodge by private boat for the connecting van to Cancun.

Costa Rica & Holbox
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With over 30 years experience operating sport fishing and adventure travel lodges in Alaska, Isla Holbox and Costa Rica, we take your tarpon fishing fun as seriously you do!

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